International Bridges

Guangzhou International Bio Island Co.,Ltd actively carries out foreign cooperation and exchange and has concluded agreements for strategic cooperation with scientific research institutions, industrial parks and industry associations of such countries as the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States, Switzerland and Cuba and developed friendship with such industrial parks. Through exchange in bio-industrial technologies, talents, assets and specific projects, both parties have created new technologies and new companies resulting in the application, transformation and commercialization of cooperation results in Guangzhou International Bio Island or other regions of Guangzhou. Since the opening ceremony of the Bio Island, it has successfully held four U.K.-China Healthtech Open Innovation Workshops, one Israel-China Science Bridge and several small multi-party conferences for international projects and project workshops. At present, the Bio Island Company has been making preparations for establishing a joint venture company through cooperation with Israel; it is planned to use the Building 1 of Standard Property Unit 3 as a park for international cooperation to undertake and accommodate such international projects introduced by U.K.-China Science Bridges Program and Israel-China Science Bridges Program.

International Projects Management

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U.K.-China Science Bridges/ U.K.-China Healthtech Open Innovation Program

Israel-China Science Bridges Program