Guangzhou International Bio Island Co.,Ltd (referred to as“Bio Island Company”) was founded in September 2010 by Administrative Committee of Guangzhou Development District with a registered capital of RMB 700 million; it was adjusted into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou Development District in April 2013 and is mainly responsible for the investment and development, operation management, and marketing planning and the introduction and investment of projects for the Standard Property Units of Bio Island. The Bio Island Company consists of six departments, i.e. Investment Promotion Services Department, Investment Planning Department, Assets Operation & Management Department, Development & Construction Department, Finance Department and Administration Department. The employees have the capability and experience in professional fields and internationalized operation, especially those of the Investment Services Department who have the background of studying overseas in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore and are familiar with various languages. 

At present, construction of general municipal infrastructure for the Bio Island has been completed and the national assets managed and operated by the Bio Island Company include Standard Property Unit 1, 2 and 3 already in use with a gross building area of 235,000 sq. m; the project under construction, i.e. Head Quarter’s Community, covers a building area of 185,000 sq. m and includes 1700 sets of apartments, which can accommodate 5200 scientific researchers and is planned to be put into use by the end of 2015. 

Since the establishment of the Bio Island Company, it has successfully held the opening ceremony of the Bio Island and several conferences for international biotechnology projects, i.e. UK-China (Guangzhou) Healthtech Open Innovation Workshop, Israel-China Science Bridges and professional international activities such as project presentation by Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association,USA and has actively taken part in establishing international cooperation mechanisms with several European and American countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Switzerland, Cuba, Canada and the Netherlands. At present, it has introduced more than 80 biotechnology enterprises. The standard Property Unit I has been awarded as a district-level incubator of Guangzhou Development District in 2013. 

Adhering to the service concepts of “all for enterprises, all for investors” of Guangzhou Development District and under the guidance of the government, the Bio Island Company has been providing an all-round “one-stop” and “nanny style” service system for enterprises in the park which covers diversified services such as discussion on project, review and approval of site selection, industrial and commercial registration, property management, consultation on policies, conferences and meetings, and supporting services such as catering. Recently, establishment of a public platform of international standard for pilot plant test and launching fund raising for bio-industries are planned, so as to create a sound bio-industrial system and make the Bio Island an internationally-renowned source of innovation for bio-industries in south China and around the world.