Guangzhou Development District

Guangzhou Development District (GDD) is situated in the eastern Guangzhou, heartland of the Pearl River delta region. GDD is one of the first National-level economic zones approved by the State Council in 1984. GDD is consisted of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou Export Processing Zone, Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, Sino-SingaporeGuangzhouKnowledgeCity and Luogang District. In 2012, GDD’s GDP reached 200.8 billion.yuan,Fiscal Revenue 50.4 billion yuan, and attracted 111 investment projects from Fortune 500 companies among over 2900 foreign-funded companies in the district. GDD’s economic performance outshines its domestic counterparts for years in terms of main economic indicators. Gross business income of health industry in the district exceeds 40 billion yuan with more than 150 high-ended bio-pharmaceutical enterprises having been attracted to cluster here. By sticking to the principle of “All for Investors, All for Enterprises”, GDD government is well recognized as one of the most efficient and effective governments in the country.